Tablets, PC's and Sales

February 13, 2013

I was reading an interesting article on Time’s magazine. I concur with the conclusion of the article.

It reads - “Where we go from here is the multi-screen world. In the age of the PC, it was all about one primary computing screen. Now it’s about many. Consumers will have two or three or four screens in their lives and they will want to use all of them as a part of their computing solution. The future is not about one screen; it is about many ….” 

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In fact, we are getting into a multi – screen world. People are using multiple devices for various functions. Of course, tablets are eating into PC’s lunch. However, in the present market tablet is not considered a complete solution to PC.  You may prefer to do certain things on a PC, not on a tablet and vice-versa. I think it is important to understand what functions our sales people want to do on a tablet.

I have searched internet to understand how sales are using tablets. I found the following articles informative.

  • Seven tips for outfitting your sales team with tablets

  • Are Tablets Now the Preferred Tool for Salespeople?

Interestingly, I couldn't find any articles specific to sales in software industry. 

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