Android SalesforceSDK - Make Mobile Layout More Responsive By Using Load Spinner

September 18, 2013

I noticed that layout-xlarge in Android Salesforce SDK has a nice loading spinner and header bar. So I have changed the layout appropriately. As part of this effort, I have modified or copied drawables,colors etc. from xlarge resources. There are no code changes required. I am attaching the resources folder for the same. Replace the res @ ....forcedroid\native\SalesforceSDK with the contents of the following zip 

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  1. Sir It is nice ,but please I am new in Salesforce and I dont even know Android very much .
    could u please mail me the Account Editor app of android on my email id

    1. Hi Parul, I have done the POC on my custom project. I will try to extend this to Account Editor app and mail you the details as in when I get time.


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