Rooting HTC Explorer a310e

January 02, 2014

Step 1: Precautions

  • Charge your phone fully. I recommend 100%. General recommendation is above 70%.
  • Enable USB debugging on the phone. (Settings -> Applications -> USB Debugging)
  • Install following software on your PC. If they already exist, please make sure they are up to date. 
    • Google Android SDK zip
    • Java Runtime
    • HTC Sync (Windows Only)
  • Backup data. Below are the steps I have done. But, the steps are not exhaustive. Don't neglect these steps as unlocking bootloader may delete all your personal data.  
    • I backed up my data using HTC Sync
    • Additionally, I backed up the entire SD Card on my local machine
  • One useful app I found is Backup SMS Contacts

Step 2: Prepare

  • Download A310E Recovery File &
  • Get ready to unlock your bootloader
    • Navigate to 
    • Create an account
    • In the supported devices drop down select "All Other Supported Models" & Click "Begin Unlock Bootloader"
    • Read the prompt, accept legal terms and go on to unlock instructions.
    • Switch off your mobile (Should be charged 100%) and follow the steps
    • After selecting "Fastboot", connect your device to PC via USB cable. The message the screen should read as "Fastboot USB"
    • No need to download the files mentioned in Step - 5. Navigate to Android SDK folder. In the command prompt navigate to platform-tools. The following files are available in the folder. 
      • fastboot.exe
      • adb.exe
      • AdbWinApi.dll
      • AdbWinUsbApi.dll
      • Notice
    • In the command prompt,  type the following command fastboot oem get_identifier_token
    • Copy token without spaces at the start and end

    • Paste the code in Step 7 & Submit. HTC will send a mail to the registered email address. 
    • Download the Unlock_code.bin to selected folder (I copied the file to "platform-tools")  folder. 
    • Run the following command in command prompt. 
      • fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
    • Read Disclaimer carefully. Select "Yes" in response to the disclaimer. 
    • Phone will reboot.
    • Take a note of Step -10. But, you don't need to execute it. 
Step 3: Root the device
  • Extract A310E Recovery folder to where fastboot.exe is present (I copied them to "platform tools" folder)
  • Copy to your memory card
  • Switch off the phone and start the phone in Bootloader mode by simultaniously pressing Volume down and Power buttons 
  • Select Fastboot and connect the phone to PC
  • Run recovery.bat
  • Reboot the phone and move to SD Card
  • Get ready to flash (install)
    • Disconnect phone from PC
    • Switch off the phone and start the phone in Bootloader mode by simultaneously pressing Volume down and Power buttons
    • Select Recovery -> Choose Zip from SD Card using power button
    • Select and Confirm the installation
    • Once the installation is finished, navigate back to the main menu and reboot the phone. Your phone is successfully rooted. 
Below are my observations from this experience
  1. I have never removed battery in the whole process, even though  removal is suggested  in some blog posts. Instead, I made sure I have given enough time for the phone to shutdown. 
  2. In my case, personal data is not erased. So, I didn't restore my data from backups. Remember, you shouldn't do a factory reset after rooting the phone.  If you did, you have to unroot the phone and repeat the rooting process. 
  3. Overall, it's an easy process provided one pay attention to detail. 

Next, I am going to try increasing internal memory


2. Unlock bootloader
3.  Unlock bootloader

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