How to package a single workflow using Migration tool?

January 26, 2012

Extracting a single workflow out of can be a little tricky. I am using ANT/JAVA migration tool to extract metadata. From the documentation it is clear that 'Workflow' tag should be used to extract workflow.


The above component in project manifest - package.xml will fetch all the workflows related to Opportunity. How to fetch a specific workflow? dot operator will not work in this case. One way to get around this limitation is specifying the following components related to a workflow as appropriate.
  • WorkflowAlert
  • WorkflowFieldUpdate
  • WorkflowOutboundMessage
  • WorkflowRule
  • WorkflowTask
For example, a workflow sends an email and does a field update upon meeting a certain criterion. In package.xml, the following components should be included. 

<members>Opportunity.Set_Date</members><name>WorkflowFieldUpdate</name></types><types><members>Opportunity.Request Email</members><name>WorkflowRule</name>
</types> <types> 

Make sure we don't miss any alert, field update, task or outbound message coupled with a rule. Upon packaging, we get the right metadata. And, upon deployment we see the workflow in the target environment. 

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  1. Awesome... was looking for something like this....

  2. Hi, how do I package and then retrieve for app visibility and tab visibility for *all* profiles in our org? thanks.


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